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safe (1459791)artist:dalapony (88)artist:the weaver (1735)edit (103102)applejack (150531)pinkie pie (192307)princess celestia (85039)princess luna (89329)twilight sparkle (265612)alicorn (170340)pony (724871)unicorn (215894)a dash of weaver makes everything better (3)alternate ending (393)birthday (2076)birthday party (60)comic (92305)crying (36589)eyes closed (70064)female (786792)filly (52455)forgotten birthday (8)good end (480)mare (351664)open mouth (107625)party (1584)question mark (3654)s1 luna (6485)sad (21019)smiling (188699)star of the giants (4)table flip (118)weaver you magnificent bastard (116)woona (4778)


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Background Pony #FFE2
To be fair, Luna, you were on the moon for a millennium with nopony to talk to but yourselves; it’s fairly understandable that you may forget your own birthday.
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This is so much more Luna than the original!

(In all seriousness, Princess Celestia was completely blindsided by Princess Luna’s turning usurper, and still doesn’t entirely know what’s going on with her; she never knew about the Tantibus, for example. This is an exaggerated version of the kind of thing that the Princess of the Night really does do…)
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Background Pony #F249
It’s still not "fixed". The edit wasn’t by the original artist. So the "happy" end isn’t canon in the universe where the "sad" part happened.
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Background Pony #E1D1
the show is source of endless pun in japan for its over the top tone as you can see. One of the best is in urusey Yatsura but don’t remeber the episode.
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Background Pony #E1D1
The anime was Tommy the Star of Giants. The hisotry of young boy whose maniacal father forced to become a fucking supernatural baseball genius(because he failed at it) through torture and bullshit assorted. Worked, making him able to launch epic unbeatable hadoken styled balls, ball that become invisible and balls that just fucking avoid the bat! That particular scene come from when he is succesful but kind act like a dick to everyone, this combined with his plank like personality make for very sad party. He man up later deciding that fuck he still has baseball.
(later again discover that those super balls he throw, had ruined his tendons and he ha dto quit baseball or become paralyzed in the arm…and his father, now coach of opponent team for the reason that he need to man up his son, know and gloat about it…)
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beirirangu's avatar
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

this reminds me of the Big Macintosh and Luna clopfic where Bic Mac arrives "late" to Luna’s party to find he’s the only one who gone to the party Luna was at (and prepared)
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