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The site's default filter. Hides "not art" content, and should spoiler/hide images that would exceed the show's rating.

This filter spoilers...
1000 hours in ms paint5054 abuse6389 politics1299 seizure warning3103 semi-grimdark27896 spoiler:my little pony: pony life7 spoiler:pony life s01e4331 spoiler:pony life s01e4423 spoiler:pony life s01e4524 spoiler:pony life s01e4650 suggestive129621 vulgar19394
(drama || mouthpiece, edit)
This filter hides...
content-aware scale103 deviantart stamp555 drama bait837 explicit318561 exploitable meme32954 fluffy pony grimdark2618 forced meme1256 grimdark29217 grotesque11079 nazi3438 not pony related82 obligatory pony6202 pony creator2944 questionable106414 racism779 text only2750 youtube caption6462

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