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This filter is maintained by Datte-Before-Dawn

Filters out dumb sh*t that annoys or disturbs at immediate glance. Includes Flufflepuff, fluffy pony grimdark, sh*tty alicorn OCs, and much much more. Use if this fandom, while you like being in it, makes you cringe on the daily.

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artist:slavedemorto1576 cum on toy1200 diaper14101 diaper fetish10395 fart2376 flash sentry13371 irl human26482 merch sexploitation1510 non-mlp oc2678 oc:backy1243 oc:fluffle puff2902 oc:marksaline99 patreon13183 scat3937 tumblr:ask fluffle puff473 watersports3485
alicorn, oc
fluffy pony, grimdark

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