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Allow to bring forth these counter points:  
  1. Profitability is a key factor; Nick may have few real successful cartoons around, but with Spongebob’s and TMNT’s popularity they generate enough revenue to be self-sufficient. So they’re not hurting for money.  
  2. With the internet in it’s current state breeding fans which increases viewership thanks to devoted fanbases from all over; Helped MLP, Adventure Time, etc.
    The number drop is a mainly due to live action, IMO. Both Nick and Disney (and CN for a time…ew) having been pumping out Live shows taking a share of the air space normally used for other toons.
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I heard alex hirsch is considering going to CN for his next cartoon when gravity falls ends in 2017
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@Virgil Stormblade  
Chowder was the shit!
Shame That like, right after its last episode they just COMPLETELY took it off the air.
I don’t even remember even seeing reruns of that show after the Last episode.
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if alex harsch does go to CN he will likely collaborate with his friend pat mchale for a cartoon
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@Virgil Stormblade  
according to some sorces alex hirsch had to argue with disney suits over the contact he was allowed to show on gravity falls on CN most of those things would have ok under a TV-PG rating
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anyway I also heard CN is consider a steven universe short as a lead-in to the adventure time movie speculated to come out 2017
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