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No this is the joke post
>>3073594p (deleted)
What i said above is from a new source (aka not mdash), so take it with a grain of salt. I don’t quite believe it myself
Such script leaks have not often happened before; Hasbro has very strict control over its employees. These “crystals” are likely fake, because there is only one source for it, and that is the Unity Crystals - which cannot be split apart. Then there must be an external source. We know that the Harmony tree is naturalized and can be “brought to life” possibly only when the New Mane 6 are assembled. If the Hologram-Twilight does such an act, there are two explanations for it; that it is an AI created by Twilight, or Twilight from her “hideout” is able to contact the Mane 5.
Considering how much work was put into Misty, who has been given a cutie mark on the toy front, a new look that suggests magical awakening and her element, it will be very strange if she is not involved in the clash with Opaline.
We have to assume that she betrayed the Mane 5 first, then repented and helped them against Opaline and then was forgiven and accepted. Everything indicates that Opaline is going to steal the cutie marks and the magic from the Mane 5, who will be powerless against her. She will likely put them in a dungeon and head out to rule the Ponykind, but also refused to give Misty her reward because she believed her adopted daughter must stand by her side. Misty and the Mane 5 will then communicate with each other, and it will probably end with her wanting to help them out. It’s possible that Misty and Izzy figured out how to get the cutie marks back, and immediately went after Opaline.
Hologram-Twilight can be of help, if the memories of Twilight’s victory over Opaline can be passed on to the Mane 5 and Misty, they will be able to nullify Opaline’s ability. Meanwhile, other ponies may have refused to accept Opaline as their ruler and resisted. When the Mane 5 attack they will first cooperate, before Sunny and Opaline enter an alicorn verse alicorn battle. Misty can play an important role in giving Sunny the necessary support to defeat Opaline. It’s possible that the Mane 6 had collaborated to take down Opaline through Twilight as seen with the fight against Sombra in S9, and this could be repeated in C4 - this time with Sunny.
By the way, it was said in advance that the G5 teams will immerse themselves in the lore of the crystals in S2 because it is common knowledge that magic and crystals are very important in the MLP. The crystals can store magic. We have seen from Bridlewood that the crystals there can receive and store magic, which can be drained when needed. It was likely how the unicorns survived until just before the movie, when they were hit by depression because the crystals were “used up”.
After the last reveal in the Discord Arc, we now know more about how magic and cutie marks work to a certain extent. The turn for the crystals is next.
Speaking of “banish magic” - Opaline wants the magic for herself. She is likely to allow the ponies to have magic for her in exchange for their submission and acceptance of her as their leader. But she will be able to decide who can get magic or not. She firmly believed that the alicorns are destined to rule over the ponies and was initially willing to rule alongside Sunny before realizing that the new alicorn will not accept her ideas. This meant that she saw nothing wrong with letting others keep magic. What she wants; is to have complete control like a true tyrant. She wants the ability to take the magic away from the ponies who, in her opinion, must “borrow” it from her.
So she won’t remove the magic. She will not “banish” the basis of her power and existence, she will surpass Twilight, and thus will have all magic under her control. If this is what the G5 teams think; that Opaline should take all magic for herself and deny everyone else their magic, this is extraordinarily STUPID. Why? Even an evil tyrant wants a productive realm of capable and loyal subjects. Sombra did not take the magic from his minions. Tirek constantly wants to go home to “show his father” what he had accomplished, leaving the ponies behind. Opaline firmly believed that it is her right to rule over the ponies and she cannot have all magic to herself. As an alicorn, no one will be able to challenge her, and if she wants to subjugate the entire world, she will need the magical abilities of the ponies.
Opaline wants all control. Not total destruction.
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According to EqD, the dubs which appeared that didn’t exist on YouTube are European Portuguese and Mainland China Mandarin - but there are several which are missing (at least, as of the post which was made on the day TYT rolled out on Netflix) - I should clarify that I mean those that exist on YouTube but not on Netflix. Anyway, the dubs are Hungarian, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Slovak, Vietnamese, Cantonese, and Taiwanese Mandarin.
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Script leaks are almost unknown in the MLP, we usually only get speculations and hints from early work. In connection with the work on C4, the script work has certainly long been completed and kept secret under strict supervision. The alicorn party makes it clear that this is a joke.
We know what will happen; Opaline attack. Steal the cutie marks and magic from the Mane 5. Refused to reward Misty. Go to Zephyr Heights or elsewhere to announce the beginning of her regime. Misty and the Mane 5 talk together. They figure out how to get the cutie marks back. Seek out Opaline. Opaline will take the Unity Crystals to complete her ambitions. The Mane 5 and Opaline got into a fight with each other. Misty help out the Mane 5. Sunny defeat Opaline. Opaline flees, remembering Misty’s sad farewell. Wild celebration in Maretime Bay. A surprise at the end?
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@Jonny Manz
Nice to know European Portuguese dub actually exists (I’m pretty sure that the Brazilian Portuguese dub’s first title for Tell Your Tale was made for Portugal). Maybe the Russian and Ukrainian dubs eventually will debut as well.
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@Jonny Manz
Yeah as I stated it’s from a newer source. It’s not for sure like mdashs are but I thought I should at least post ab it with a warning
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