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Arizona mess up

Background Pony #F5CD
Velvet: (Angry) BUT-BUT-BUT-
Me: Now Velvet!!
Velvet: B-BUT-BUT––
I then growl at velvet
Velvet: Fine!!
Background Pony #F5CD
Arizona: Well, ah-
Pom: Wait, hold up. So, we don’t have to be mad at Arizona?
Me: No we don’t Pom, she isn’t a bad-
Fa: Well, i thought this was a justice trial.
Me: No it’s-
Natsuki-meow: Even if so, it might be tough to control her behavior, or actions.
Me: YES, WE KNOW!! But this is a protection trial for Arizona!!
Bingo: Well, okay.
Bluey: We get it.
Oleander: So, we don’t have to punish Ari?
Artist -

kevan:if arizona do that again punishment happened but it won’t because she promise and velvet will be out cell in 8 month and still she take bath with mud until she learn her lessons he give oleander book back that velvet never return it here you go
green:how are you feeling arizona
Artist -

green: (excited) put lasso on my mouth get on my body and be ready hold it because this is going be fast and fun!
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