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Background Pony #2680
An Action/Adventure RP

The Elements of Harmony have disappeared!Discordis the prime suspect, but chaos is erupting all across Equestria, and the Mane Six have been tasked with spreading across the land to try and find their elemtns before it's too late.

Meanwhile, strange beings are popping up everywhere, like amorphous creatures of oil and smoke, they spread chaos and fill hearts with darkness, tainting the world with disharmony.

You are a creature within this world; caught up in the madness one way or another. What do you do?


1. Keep it PG 13. Implications are acceptable, but lurid gore and such is not.

2. No Character is permitted to wield power above or equal to what Twilight, Rainbow Dash, or Pinkie Pie can. Same standard for Princesses.

3.You may use an airship, and it may be fitted with what one would expect of a Steam-Punk airship.

4. You may use only two OCs.

5. Have Fun, Be Creative, try to include at least one paragraph per post.

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