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General Tag Discussion

Background Pony #52BA
Where are you making your comparisons? For example, searching on deviantArt, it says about 8k results for “dovahshy” and 8.1k for “flutterborn”
On that note, I’m amazed there are only 111 dovahshy pics here. I remember it being all over the place, way back when. Is there a live (read-only) mirror of Ponibooru on the web anywhere? Wayback Machine doesn’t have enough archived.
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Lincoln Brewster time
I thought the intention was to give them the [data expunged] treatment, not alias them?
Anyway, here are the ones from the previous discussion that might deserve aliasing, due to having more than a handful of removals and activity within the past year-ish:
o only, oc nly, oc noly, oc oc only, oc olny, oc oly, oc on, oc onl, oc onlly, oc onloy, oc onlt, oc onlu, oc ony, oc onyl, oc’s only, oc-only, oco nly, of only, on only
That’s a lot of oc only’s :o
Lil' Pegasus

What’s the point of SpongeBob episode tags? (e.g. “just one bite”, “the two faces of squidward”, etc.) It would make sense on a SpongeBob-themed booru, but this is an MLP-themed booru, so I don’t get the point of it.
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Can someone please explain how different are “french kiss” and “making out” tags? Description of “french kiss” says that “Kissing with tongue involved (not just making out)”, but in fact there’s many images tagged both as “french kiss” and “making out”.

I really like her mane!
Wasn’t sure whether to put this here or the thread dedicated to artist tags, but what exactly is the purpose of the hundreds of users filter this tag tag?
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Background Pony #0299
It’s a substitute for an artist tag for one notorious individual.
I don’t have the full story about why that’s the case for them specifically.
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Follow Your Heart
I know I haven’t been one to engage on this website outside of the General Forums for a while now, but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on this.
Some dickhead’s been going through all the BLM images and has added in tags that contain racial slurs.
They’ve already been reported, but I just wanted to let you all know about it.
Background Pony #52BA
@Algebroot Neogears
There are a few images tagged oc:thingpone and not tagged oc:amber rose (thingpone) that look like they might indeed be some other pony than thing-as-oc:amber rose (and several that look like they are and merely aren’t tagged). I don’t know any of that character’s lore or anything, to know whether they should be synonymous (and merged) or whether non-oc:amber rose (thingpone) oc:thingpones exist.
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