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General topic for character tag categorization

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Hasbro finally revealed Misty’s full name guys :
The tag Misty Brightdawn now needs to be aliased with Misty tag, the similar to what we did to Sprout.
I think “Misty” tag should stay, while “Misty Brightdawn” would be reserved for her new version (with different mane and cutie mark), implying “Misty”. Sumilar to “Tempest Shadow” and “Fizzlepop Berrytwist”.

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The first three seem to be sort of special. Both are used at once because how could you really pick a primary? Other fan names get phased out, like Marble Pie and Limestone Pie used to be named Inkie and Blinkie by fans. But for the ones you pointed out, not so much. If anything, one should imply the other.
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I thought it might be because some of the above names were considered fan names, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for the character whom this site is named after. Besides, it was my understanding at least a few of these names came from merch like trading cards and blind bags.
Assuming names used in the show take priority, DJ Pon-3 is used in No Second Prances, and Doctor Hooves (according to the subtitles) is used in A Horse Show-In. Both Bon Bon and Sweetie Drops are used in Slice of Life, of course. But given her background, it’s unlikely either of these are her real name.
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Yeah, as far as Vinyl goes, it was a trading card that confirmed that Vinyl Scratch is her given name, and DJ Pon-3 is her stage name.
And as far as Bon Bon, I agree with keeping the status quo and using both that and Sweetie Drops.
Don’t really have an opinion on the other two.
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I think it’s clunky to have two tags that have the same exact function. IMO the number of character tags should correspond the number of (named) characters in the image, so I’d be in favor of aliasing.
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I have long been an advocate on cutting down on the amount of double-character tags we have but it’s not exactly something I should do unilaterally.
I’ll try bringing it up with other staff again.
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