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Dreaming Star
Hello, i would love to add a short description to my Ponies^^
  1. Unicorn/Bat Pony, Male
  2. A shy Batticorn who always tries to be friendly to others but has a hard time meeting new ponies. He loves the night more than the day! His big sister is Dreaming Bell. He was born a unicorn but turned into a Batpony from a Vampire Batpony. This also makes him a bit like a Vampire. He is bisexual and loves lewd things. Very naughty Bat once you get to know him better. He’s also a little femboy~
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Roberta Puddin
I hope this works, I have 2 oc’s atm but ill do one for now!
3.Mare, Earth Pony
4. A cute and slightly chubby Orange Earth Pony with brown Messy hair, Can’t ever make hair look good, Is Transgender female and has been through a lot to become happy. She loves Comedy and loves cute and Feminine things!
5. https://derpibooru.org/images/3048391?q=artist%3Aepsipeppower
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Hey there, I’d like to add my OC as well :)
  1. Female merpony
  2. Description: Calypso is a very feisty merpony from the deep sea with siren-like abilities. She can appear both as a merpony or a four-legged land version with a fish tail. Loves cold water and sunsets!
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This is me.
  1. oc:jack chestnut
  2. JackChestnut
  3. Unicorn/Male
  4. Jack came from a normal family, but he is kinda shy, this makes him more of a nerd type stallion. Maybe he doesn’t talk too much, but his mind is sharp and active. When his friends are around, he tends to be quite, listening to their story and occasionly talks about the fun topics. He was fascinated in computer when he was young, afterwards this specific skill gave him the cutie mark. Also he loves tinkering with magic stuff too, plus his brain, he can learn new spell pretty quick. His cutie mark is a computer screen with a line of code on it. But, when he uses magic, it will become a functional computer, which archives all of the knowledge he’ve learned so far.
  5. >>2519930
Cedric Moon

Ultimate Luna-Fan
1: oc:Destiny Light
2: Cedric Moon
3: Unicorn, Mare
4: Originally, Destiny Light was a stallion who was transformed into a mare for life, following a huge mistake of his part!
She then became the official concubine of the Queen of the day, Celestia.
But, contrary to appearances, life in this universe is not always easy, with the presence of former gods, demons and rebel putschists!
After only one year of living together as a concubine, she has already escaped several kidnapping and assassination attempts, because of her proximity to the Queen. In despite of these difficulties, Celestia and Destiny Light are in great love and enjoy their life together.
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