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Yeah, I had a feeling.
I know a furry site does that, but it doesn’t really work the same for here. Even for like, creatures like Winona or Angel which would fit that bill. How would that even be extended to? Hydras? Where would it stop?
Maybe there should a way to discourage that tag.
Ooh! Here’s an image which really does fit the bill. I like this definition of the word. Like a feral, savage nature.
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I think it’s a bit of a culture clash between bronies and the larger furry community. On furry sites, anthro characters are the assumed default, so artists have to specify when they’re deviating from that style. For whatever reason, they settled on “feral” as the term for quadrupedal, minimally anthropormorphized characters. (Which would encompass most of the canon MLP characters.) But on MLP sites, quadrupedal show-style ponies are the assumed default, so we took too long coming up with a term for it, thinking it would be enough to just tag “anthro” and “humanized” as deviations from the norm. IIRC, the site staff and general userbase here rejected having a specific tag for show-style characters until it became obvious that Equestria Girls was going to be a major part of the franchise and not just a passing fad.
One awkward effect of our current jerry-rigged approach is that “pony” is technically a body-form tag (as in, it signifies that a character is not anthro or humanized) rather than a species tag, but it still only applies to ponies as a species. So we still don’t have any tag to specify when other quadrupeds from the show (zebras, changelings, griffons, etc.) are drawn in a non-anthro, non-humanized style.
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