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reformation is the best
for anyone who knows the original phantom of the opera book
for the sake of my story that has the phantom of the opera from the original book did Erik really killed Philippe de Chagny because Erik says it was a sad accident or something like that and still denies killing the guy by the near end of his life and the book left it ambiguous and I CHOOSE that he did not lie. is that ok I can choose that?
but I read he can sing underwater with a special trick and I did a poll a long time ago that there was a bell or something in the original book and they said it was music, is that true what is the bell?
and why did Erik deny cutting the chandelier, or was he telling the truth and he did not cut the chandelier and it was about to fall and he used the opportunity to say that the lady’s voice will make the chandelier fall and it fell, or can I choose whatever fits right and helps my story?
was the chandelier incident actually left ambiguous and the reader can choose what is true or not?
I’m asking because is already too late I already added the character in the story and I already choose and establish that the characters understand Erik despite what he had done, said and acted and in one summary said he went from selfish and immature to being generous, big-hearted, and empathetic. to me, that shows Erik is good now but I want to make this understandable.
so if erik did lie about not tampering with the chandelier i can say that erik is only acting like that because like the summary said he was immature and selfish but now tells the truth in my AU. but the whole Philippe de Chagny thing is true (about erik not killing the guy) because he even said so while dying and after turning good.
so please am I doing well with the character if you read my comic and please answer my questions so I know and is it ok I can choose what I think feels right?
all I want is for the story to work and the characters still understanding erik is still ok because I NEED them to understand in order for the AU to work
here is the first page where it introduces erik
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