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Also her awkwardness and authenticity around Canterlot's elite would make her fail at first. She elists the help of Rarity, her former frenemy when she was in high school. AJ has to often find the right balance between following the Canterlot trends and showing her Ponyville heritage.

Rarity and AJ seem completely different at first. Rarity dislikes her rustic lower middle class Ponyville roots and adores Canterlot culture, more than most Canterlotians themselves. And she even thinks Ponyville needs to be more like Canterlot if it wants to improve. Rarity's motto: Strive to be better. Her fashion is based on Canterlot style.

Applejack on the other hand loves the traditional Ponyville culture and wants to show it off to Canterlot. AJ believes Ponyville is good just the way it is. AJ's motto: You're good just the way you are. Her fashion is based on Ponyville fashion.
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