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safe1726207 artist:anti1mozg175 lyra heartstrings29844 pony986478 unicorn331960 :34608 :p9141 adorable face1517 blushing200846 captain obvious627 chest fluff40022 cute202759 ear fluff30315 eyes closed95527 female1380587 floppy ears53172 green coat132 grin39583 happy31685 horn70594 looking at you171964 lyrabetes1404 mare490527 multicolored mane1604 multicolored tail1222 shoulder fluff1878 sitting64339 smiling254112 solo1077556 squee1969 tongue out105940 white mane242 white tail48 yellow eyes2102


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Generally you don't make them that big (for ex >>2183656 is about the typical one you make, which is about the same as your profile pic as of this comment), and the eye sockets are a very similar size to this. Even when you make the eyes bigger than that (for ex the 2nd panel in >>2248257, or RD's in >>2317742 which is very similar to here in the middle), they just look good and fitting.

So: don't stress over it, you're doing fine :D
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I like to think of Lyra as a kind of savant. She is silly and annoying and comes off as a crazy weirdo, but has this one skill that she is hyperfocused on and she is like exceptionally clever when it comes to it.