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Revenge of the Gluttonous Blue Princess #8
Tallies so far: GREEN-3242, ORANGE-1980, COMBINED-5222
Ember’s Notes: “Now THAT is what I’m talking about! Such intensity, such suspense, such… sorry. I carried away there. Anyway! You two mini lard balls better hold out the pace! Only 1 more milestone before we dice who’s the largest! And wait… what’s with the kissing…?”
2nd to LAST milestone: Saturday August 7th.
TEAM GREEN: every $3 USD donated to my PayPal will gain Spike 25 lbs.  
TEAM ORANGE: every LIKE clicked inside the page linked below “only 1 per person” will gain Smolder 10 lbs.
PayPal (Green): >> https://www.paypal.me/RupertBlueFox <<  
LIKE BUTTON (orange): >> https://www.magicrupert.com/likes <<
So, everydragon! We’re nearing the homestretch of this crazy drive of the fat draggies! Now is REALLY not the time for slouching. I LOVE a good dragon squish-fest! Will the homie Spike win over the hearts of “fat dragon” lovers out there? Or will that crown be handed over to the orange blob lying on top of him? That’s up to YOU, my fellow contributors, to decide!! 💎 😉 💙
suggestive148586 artist:rupertbluefox184 smolder8255 spike80597 dragon58844 series:revenge of the gluttonous blue princess10 3/4 view58 belly29619 belly bumps165 big belly12103 blushing205169 double chin1960 dragoness9013 eyes closed98497 fat22682 fat fetish1685 fat spike432 female1405159 fetish41759 implied ember25 incentive drive244 incentive war10 kissing25434 lying down19872 male389125 moaning6334 moobs415 morbidly obese8122 mutual gain24 obese11901 on top1148 onomatopoeia4608 open mouth155194 poking601 prone26411 puffy cheeks3979 sblobder96 shipping fuel1595 sitting65727 smiling262254 smirk13075 squishy2626 squishy cheeks2485 surprise kiss818 this ended in weight gain17 thumbs up1054 tongue out108585 unamused16800 weight gain4442 weight gain sequence859 wide eyes17432 winged spike8556 wings123783


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