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commissioned by jaker
suggestive149830 artist:nxzc88404 oc719634 oc:pyrisa miracles144 human160149 bed42785 blanket5564 blush sticker2674 blushing206732 clothes481029 commission74432 covering mouth316 exclamation point4006 glasses65588 grin41711 holding3448 human oc630 humanized102489 inanimate tf1712 interrobang996 onomatopoeia4699 pants15520 pillow18858 pink floyd243 plushie24965 plushification71 pullcord3 question mark4751 shirt26543 shrunken pupils3490 sitting66290 sitting on bed90 smiling265483 socks69184 speech bubble24751 sweater15050 the dark side of the moon79 thought bubble3613 transformation11508 voice box2 wide eyes17517 yank4


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