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Background Pony #B5FE
It’s just me or it seems that in the first part of the image, where in the right eye there should be the reflection of Zephyr Heights, in the left one there is the reflection of a different place?

Professional Shipper
My eyes look similar to the G4 characters’ eyes. Black in the middle, a ring of color around it, then the light shimmy shines on it in a few little white dots and stuff. No mirrored images at all.

Professional Shipper
Do eyes even work like this? I’ve never seen my own reflection when looking in someone’s eyes. Seems kinda like more “realistic” than reality “realism” to me.
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I think the point of this upload is demonstration that eyes reflections are not real, because they are identical in different locations.
I don’t think it’s mistake, more intentional tradeoff. It’s tradeoff of technical correctness vs making eyes pretty vs movie budget. It’s hard to make eyes reflection looking nice when you can’t control highlights shape, and it’s hard to control eye highlights when they come from environment. Also saves some rendering time, so you don’t have to render whole city just for character eyes
Maybe worth to make different reflection maps for different locations though.
Background Pony #B866
That… is an iffy detail without knowing the whole scene. The animators might just be trying to lean into the dramatic moment.
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So this is pretty common in 3D animation nowadays. 3D artists use HDHRs, which you can think of a spherical panoramic pictures, to automatically calculate shading and reflections from all angles on a model in a realistic way. On extra shiny surfaces like eyes you can actually see the HDHR picture, which is what’s going on here.