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safe1997498 artist:hazurasinner230 princess celestia106017 princess luna110116 alicorn279269 pony1349817 belly37148 blue mane2356 blushing242867 burrs23 butt193383 celestia is not amused671 commission99286 concave belly763 crown25587 cute239948 digital art26165 dirty2152 duo124353 feather7539 female1626963 flowing mane3063 flowing tail2016 folded wings13636 gradient background18158 hoers4169 hoof shoes7753 horn121402 jewelry93659 leaves2894 leaves in hair62 looking at each other28279 looking at someone8276 mare631398 messy2537 mud3042 muddy946 plot120333 princess luna is amused31 regalia30622 royal sisters5711 siblings16081 signature36018 sisters13729 sitting80310 smiling338919 stick814 tail70295 tree branch1348 unamused21115 walking6408 watermark21284 wings180652


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Wallet After Summer Sale -

Takes Half Damage
The Bur’s stuck to Sunbutt’s Butt really ties this whole piece together.
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I wonder if you could do a fully covered in mud version of this picture plz. If not this is good too