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suggestive175578 artist:kevinsano3523 fluttershy240753 rarity205021 sunset shimmer73658 human209385 pegasus417546 unicorn458110 anthro321818 unguligrade anthro59367 equestria girls237086 bare shoulders5304 belly button97600 breasts349957 busty fluttershy21366 busty rarity15936 busty sunset shimmer7170 cleavage41785 clothes569107 eyes closed123085 fence3665 one-piece swimsuit5911 open mouth202502 sitting80317 sleeveless7622 smiling338935 swimming pool3644 swimsuit35278 trio18637 water19578


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I don’t know if there are alternate versions of this one aside from the single-character shots that were already posted. I wouldn’t mind some of this, and that Lyra one, though.
Background Pony #CEC8
It’s funny, I feel like I haven’t seen that much art with humans and anthros in the same picture. It’s kind of a nice change of pace.
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Duke of Milfton
I do like that if you follow Fluttershy’s eye line, she’s definitely looking at Sunset’s crotch.
She has great taste in mares.
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Interesting with Sunny being anthro horse and Shy and Rara being human. Probably just casual world where she hopped over into the human realm but shes from an anthro realm. Neat.
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“Wait, where’s Rarity’s horn? …WAIT Where’s Rarity’s horse ears?? Where’s Fluttershy’s?! …???! …OH! Humans and anthros co-existing? Cool.”