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Nearly three months had passed since a new member had joined Dracula’s household, and everything was going well. There was much cleaning, decorating, and making the house a home, until one night Dracula received a letter from Daniel Edgar requesting his help. The letter came as a shock to Dracula: he and his helpers were invited to a meeting at the spirit’s mansion in the next town. Even though they were hesitant due to the fact that they knew what they had to do in advance, they nonetheless accepted the challenge. In addition to helping the vampires gain a leader, this meeting would also benefit other creatures, as well as themselves.

Alright so I just decided to upload this because I want to and well, I already finished the prologue but the font style for page 1 is different than the second or third, but I can say it’s like a transition to something new then what we know about equestria.
I like how this turned out, the characters look fairly show accurate and I think it shows the situation well.
I don’t want to spoil anything but the mummy in the front is Ahmose and I feel like he us the adroitly when it comes to the characters situation and see if they succeed. I only add one wolf pony king because drawing all of them would be too much.
The town they are in is the mummies and swamp pony town I say is the “headquarters” for reporting their success and where they can ask on what to do.
I don’t want to say anymore I rather show it first, so I hope you’ll enjoy the story and the new characters.

safe2150516 artist:mr100dragon100576 oc934152 oc:elizabeth110 oc:thomas the wolfpony70 bat pony73504 earth pony436240 pegasus486270 pony1578387 undead5937 unicorn527087 vampire5703 comic:throne of dracula the secret world15 adam (frankenstein monster)73 dark forest au's dr. jekyll and mr. hyde81 dark forest au's dracula79 dark forest au's matthew99 dark forest au's phantom of the opera (erik)68 female1776950 griffin (character)99 male541587 mummy674 swamp pony13 witch3547


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