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safe2089006 screencap281090 applejack194260 discord36231 fluttershy249042 pinkie pie247367 rainbow dash269707 rarity210861 spike89852 twilight sparkle346253 alicorn296322 draconequus18902 dragon78879 earth pony410581 pegasus457746 pony1447853 unicorn499045 twilight's kingdom3551 applejack's hat13179 cowboy hat23883 face to face218 female1709755 hat116894 hub logo10275 journal283 male517669 mane seven7620 mane six36437 mare684077 netflix804 oops664 subtitles1935 twilight sparkle (alicorn)144268


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Duck - Duck cannon at high speed
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Twilight: I suppose it won’t be too bad.  
Applejack: Maybe I didn’t think my bladder would be full before I went.  
Fluttershy: Whoa, take it easy, buddy. We’re friends, remember?  
Rarity: Is he serious?  
Pinkie Pie: I think I forgot how to sit down.  
RD: I can’t believe he’s assigned for this…  
Spike: I don’t care what happens, man, I just need some gems.