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Out of curiosity, Spike creates a successful love potion. Unfortunately, the Mane 6 drink it and fall in love with him. Will Spike realize what is going on and cure his friends? Or will he use this to an advantage? Based on Spike el Casanova by EMVARE on Fanfiction.net
Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/107229/casanova-spike  
Made by: Riddleja
safe1765793 artist:droll3325 applejack174450 fluttershy218654 pinkie pie221497 rainbow dash239937 rarity186837 spike80947 trixie69087 twilight sparkle307873 alicorn235406 pony1025714 3:115 and then spike was a man29 applespike823 blushing206733 bride366 clothes481037 death by snu snu159 didn't think this through166 dress46462 eyes on the prize5604 fanfic art15054 fanfic in the description186 fear1051 female1415107 flower26990 flower in hair8162 flutterspike577 flying39902 frown23834 gritted teeth13471 harem945 heart eyes17690 help232 imminent snu snu89 jewelry70053 jumping3494 lidded eyes32178 love potion109 male392773 mane seven6715 mane six32801 mare509078 oh crap face112 open mouth157341 pinkiespike443 polyamory6932 potion2256 rainbowspike539 shipping207259 smiling265483 smirk13203 socks69184 sparity6897 spike gets all the mares779 spixie249 spread wings57945 straight141398 this will end in death by snu snu27 this will end in pain and/or tears18 this will not end well1744 tiara4334 twispike1700 wedding dress1919 white socks161 wingding eyes23735


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Background Pony #D5AF
What will give out first when the mares take turns on him, his heart or his gonads?
Background Pony #D203
dangit Oopsy what did we tell you about messing with the Love Cologne and portals?
Background Pony #F8BF
RD: husbando  
FS: my love  
rarity: my dragon meat  
TS: boo <3  
AJ: suger  
PP: sweet cake  
Trixy: do me hard
Background Pony #F448
Rainbow Dash: Darling!  
Fluttershy: Beloved!  
Twilight: Sweetheart.  
Rarity: Honeycakes.  
Pinkie Pie: Sugar Lips!