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I’m not sure this has been asked before but I figured I’d ask anyway. I’d love to join if it does. I’ll allow this to be deleted if answered too.
09:10 PM 10/01/2023 I’m so disappointed in myself rn.
Edit 2: Nvm, I found it!

Roleplaying » MYMC05E3: Family Trees, Pt. 2 Reaction Script (D): Mane Six explore the Dragonlands with Sparky » Topic Opener

Background Pony #2C8B
Izzy Moonbow: Hey, that wasn’t so bad!
Colt Twin: Ooooh, look at ALL the strange plants and animals!!
Filly Twin: Woooowwwwwww… this REALLY what prehistoric Equestria looks like before ponies??!!
Hitch Trailblazer: Speak for yourself!
Deputy Mare: Will somepony move their flanks already?! You’re SITTING on top of my crotch!!
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General Discussion » UKPonyCon 2023 » Topic Opener

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Lurking Slightly Less
Hi guys!
Just wanted to jump into the forums and ask around: did anybody go to UK PonyCon this year?
Just got back home after an incredible weekend in Nottingham!
Brilliant fun across both days! Karaoke, Pinch-a-Parcel, Family Fued (or Family Fortunes for us Brits!) and absolutely TRUCK loads of stuff going on all over the place!
If you did go, did you enjoy it? what was your favourite bit!
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Roleplaying » MYMC05E3: Family Trees, Pt. 2 Reaction Script (C): Misty & friends searches for the Magic Door » Topic Opener

Background Pony #C984
Misty: A Breezie gave me this special key.
Sunny Starscout: I think I’ve seen these patterns before.
Professor: Hmmmm, it looks just like one of the ancient forest motifs from Professor Argyle’s studies…
Sunny Starscout: They’re old, but I don’t know what they mean.
Rebel Activist: Misty told us she had seen this pattern in one of her vision. We gotta go find that door that matches with that pattern!
Misty: I think… it has something to do with… home. I thought that maybe if I could just find the door it goes to, I’d find some answers about my past and my family.
Zipp Storm: Well? Did you find anything?
Rebel Activist: Wellllll, NOT exactly….we tried asking a Breezy, but––he wasn’t as helpful….so we just asked him to take us back to the market, and—well, here we are!
Misty: SPARKY?! You found a cure for him?!
Professor: More like he found an old flaming spark all by himself. It seems that he has a nostalgic yearning to live in the ancient saurian stone age…
Hitch Trailblazer: I think the only thing that will really heal him is finding his family…
Deputy Mare: Well, I guess you two had finally found a common goal for each other…
Professor: Let’s work together until we find BOTH their families!
Foster Twins: YYYEEEAAAAHHH!!!!

General Discussion » 📝 WORK Problems… (Just in. 9.30.23) - UPDATE from Rupert » Topic Opener

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One, the surprise I mentioned on my Discord is this:
SECOND: I really messed it up this time… and it has to do with my job….
So, my assistant boss wanted to talk to my folks about what I did. Apparently, I have a pocket knife that I use to cut open boxes (as my position was stocking), but the problem is it’s said to be recurring that I “flink” the knife around people and in front of several staff. I was unaware that I was scaring anyone, given that it is a knife that you flip open to use. This also explains why I have not been put on a schedule since Wednesday. Long story short, I now lie in wait until Monday to hear back from the main manager about further action, and whether I can keep working. I was already told today to not bring my knife again to work… but internally, I am worried that the damage might be too great. And it doesn’t help that my folks already gave me yet ANOTHER ear-full not long after that call. You know, it REALLY SUCKS being autistic….
Now I’m forced to expect the worst, and hope for the better. And SHOULD the worst happen, I currently don’t have a plan B. And I REALLY REALLY wanted to launch my long-postponed WG Drive this November… but now… I’m not feeling too confident, guys. I really need help again….
All this crushing debt, plus student loan repayments, PLUS school. I really messed up again….
As for Spiketober…
I’ve literally just started it, but I might have to hold off on the first couple of entries until my head is clear. I’m terribly sorry for this inconvenience.

That’s all for now. I wish I’d come here with better news, but DAMN, does everything suck. Even though my Birthday is 2 days from now (at the time of this post), will it actually BE a happy birthday?

Roleplaying » MYMC05E3: Family Trees, Pt. 2 Reaction Script (B): Misty Reunites with her Friends » Topic Opener

Background Pony #968B
Zipp Storm: Okay, everypony! Get your hooves in the game! I’m worried I’ll miss a critical clue about Misty’s visions if I’m away from her for too long, and I can’t—
Inspector Mare: ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT WE GET IT!! Our heads are FULLY in the game!
So in the game, that I’ll be scoring high above everypony else by being the first pony to find Miss Brightdawn during this search party!
Sunny Starscout: Zipp! That isn’t important right now!
Misty is still just learning her way around Bridlewood. What if she got lost?
Professor: Well, we could fashion ourselves a makeshift flare cannon and use that to signal her way back to our location…

Tagging Discussion » [NSFW] Some Tags Implications and Aliasing » Topic Opener

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Crazy Pervert
Okay, since the first time I tried this about a year ago didn’t quite work, I’m gonna this one more time.
  1. Tag breastfeeding implies suckling, so maybe by the same logic self breastfeeding should imply self suckling, but for some reason it doesn’t. Please fix.
    I checked the tags recently, and self breastfeeding now implies self suckling, so the first point of my original post has been addressed, and is now obsolete.
  2. breast milk is quite widely used tag, and one would assume it should imply milk, but it does not. Why?
  3. Still, why breastfeeding and self breastfeeding do not imply lactation?
    I suppose that this is because lactation implies breast milk, and breast milk is not always clearly visible on images with breastfeeding, but I want someone from Derpi staff to clarify.
  4. What’s the point of the tag sucking? A year later, I still see people use this tag for all sorts of things.
    I see this tag being used on images where one of the characters is sucking on the other character’s nipples — we already have suckling for that.
    I see this tag used on images where one of the characters is sucking on the other character’s penis — we already have blowjob for that.
    I see this tag on images where one of the characters is sucking on the other character’s horn — there’s already a tag for that too, hornjob.
    Exactly what purpose does this tag serve? This tag, in my opinion, should be aliased to at least something, because people keep using it, and keep using it inconsistently, and because of that — as of today this tag has no consistent meaning, makes no sense, and serves for nothing but to confuse people like myself.
  5. Based of the description of the tag nursing, there’s no much point in self-nursing tag, alias it to self breastfeeding.

Roleplaying » MYMC05E3: Family Trees, Pt. 2 Reaction Script (A): Misty is Nowhere to be Found » Topic Opener

Background Pony #8F6A
Zipp Storm: Any sign of Misty? She just disappeared!
Inspector Mare: OH MANE!!! OH MANE OH MANE OH MANE!! I CAN’T believe we LOST HER!!!
Deputy Mare: You were SUPPOSED to keep an eye out for her, in case Opaline sent somepony out to take her back to her castle! If we end up losing that star witness, I’ll inform the mayor that this botched investigation weighed heavily on YOUR

Roleplaying » MYMC05E2: Family Trees, Pt. 1 Reaction Script (F): Mane Six realizes Misty has vanished » Topic Opener

Background Pony #BE36
Queen Haven: Alphie! Your cutie mark!
Alphabittle: Look at that! Must be the magical properties of this tea.
Bridlewood Beautician: Oh mio! That is most—unusual…..Perhaps I should procure this potion brand for the Royal ponies who want to shine under the limelight! It shall be a popular success among the cavallo di zefiro!

General Discussion » How to change my artist name/watch thing » Topic Opener

Artist -

Minor artist
Aye uhhhh I’m kinda new here or smth idk I’m rarely use this hehe.
How to change my artist name? Like..
Artist:ThatOneBronyTWT to Artist: ThatOneSonicYT
I don’t know anythimbg abt it

Pony Discussion » The Kirin with Two Names SOLVED! » Topic Opener

Roleplaying » MYMC05E2: Family Trees, Pt. 1 Reaction Script (E): Mane Six enter the Breezie Night Market » Topic Opener

Art Chat » Alicorn Sunny » Topic Opener

Roleplaying » MYMC05E2: Family Trees, Pt. 1 Reaction Script (D): Mane Six discovers magic secrets in a tree » Topic Opener

Background Pony #802F
Misty: Izzy, you were right! This is the same tree from my vision! Let me see. The bunnycorn led me here, but then…
…there was a glowing door. Where is it?
Zipp Storm: Everypony, split up! Look for that door!
Inspector Mare: Hmmmm….perhaps this door is hidden behind that layer of moss!
Sister, help me scrape all it off from the bark!!
Deputy Mare: Oooh boy…this better lead to somewhere significantly important!

Roleplaying » MYMC05E2: Family Trees, Pt. 1 Reaction Script (C): Queen Haven hangs out with Alphabittle » Topic Opener

Tagging Discussion » Alias Agatha & Agate character tags to Amethyst Maresbury » Topic Opener

Background Pony #B49C
Not many images of her use either Agatha or Agate but they are alternate names for her, it seems Agate was used when people thought she was separate from Amethyst Maresbury/Agatha

Roleplaying » MYMC05E2: Family Trees, Pt. 1 Reaction Script (B): Mane Six flies over to Bridlewood » Topic Opener

Background Pony #EED0
Zipp Storm: [PA System] This is your pilot, Zipp Storm, speaking. I’m expecting clear skies and smooth conditions as we cruise into our destination – Bridlewood.

General Discussion » Hello, Derpibooru... » Topic Opener

Background Pony #2DB1
I am considering the worst thing you can do to your loved ones. How I can get help with this feelings.

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