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Anyone knows some good 2D animated movie that isn’t from Disney or Dreamworks? The only one I’ve heard of is Iron Giant.
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@Siberian Pizza  
Even Steven Universe? I’d say that’s better than anything else they’ve got currently, which is saying something because I’d say lots of shows they have currently are decent at worst.
I could name a couple Miyazaki films, but those aren’t Western animation so…
I got nothing
Background Pony #D31A
Ever see the movie, “Eight Crazy Nights”? The story’s kinda terrible, but the animation is beautiful.
Thread Starter - Pokemon General Thread

Samurai Jack was, is, and always will be glorious.
Idiot moment from me though: I was 6 when it came out and since the rating was TV-Y7 I didn’t watch it because I was under the recommended age limit
God I hate past me. SO much.
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