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suggestive148588 artist:shadowboltsfm775 oc713591 oc:diamond azure92 bat pony52349 anthro270196 plantigrade anthro34778 3d80652 adorasexy10150 barefoot28594 bat pony oc18967 bat wings10094 big breasts86345 bikini19039 blender7312 breasts289473 butt66358 clothes477163 cute206149 erect nipples11494 eyelashes12494 feet41690 female1405172 high res33160 looking at you176271 looking back60277 looking back at you16089 not sfm1497 sexy30774 sideboob10842 sitting65727 smiling262260 soles4546 swimsuit29828 toes6668 wings123789


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Background Pony #27CA
Your art quality is overall some of the best around. But you could have easily avoided clipping with floor.  
If you pay more attention to it then there will be really nothing left to nitpick in your art.