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Unfortunate, i wish he pleaded guilty.
Then again, if it turns out to be not true, they probably won’t allow him to return.
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New “Spidey” episodes just dropped:
Spidey Tidies Up: Spidey gets help from Iron Man to clean the park after Sandman decides to turn it into his own sand turf.
Oh, No! Tomatoes!: Spin must chase and catch Rhino after he steals tomatoes from the community garden.
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Velma beat out The Last of Us in ratings.
Is the average person’s taste in entertainment really THAT bad?
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@Dex Stewart
Not fair, the 2007 one was actually good.
…The sequels were garbage, though, and unfortunately soured the first one in a lot of ways. But still.
@Background Pony #1467
There are 20 seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
I don’t think hatewatching has that much of an effect, I think the average person’s taste in media is just very different from what those of us in online bubbles enjoy or dislike.
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