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General topic for character tag categorization

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Undead inside
Just so it doesn’t clog up the entire board, use this thread here to post characters who haven’t been categorized with color yet and I (or another staff member) will get to it, as this requires little to no discussion. if anyone makes an incorrect assumption on what counts as a character, I’ll simply tell them no. :P
For a tag to count for character categorization, it must be featured in any official MLP media (animation, toys, merchandise, comics, etc) of any generation, pony or not, and not be a variation on an existing character. (like Princess Twilight or Dusk Shine, those are still Twilight Sparkle so only the main name is colored)
Here’s a good list of all the G3 pony releases by name, so all the names can be searched here and ones not marked as character can be.
This is the closest on the same site for G1 ponies, by country, tho US and UK are really the only important ones.
For G2, uhh this is the closest on the same site, but, it’s inefficient, and probably missing some.
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Mare e. bette Mare e. Belle might need name color and some clean-up since she’s apparently also known as Crimson Cream and Fashion Statement. See also comment here. Also the merch says Mare E. Bette so might need some more switching around.
Blueberry Curls needs name color and if kept implication with Bubblegum Blossom.
Shiraz and Silver Berry both need color and implication with each other and Pinot Noir since that name has apparently also been given to that pony.
I don’t know where these names came from Now I do so I’ll wait on word of the mods before officially requesting implications if need be.
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(Foil Hat)
Violet Spark
Sidenote here, but is this the name we’re using for (Purpura) Phlox now? In that case I’d suggest an alias or implication as well. Looks like the Source model will need a rename, but that’ll probably happen once her hat and shirt are made removable.
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