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Tagging Discussion

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[NSFW] alias "cum trail" to "cum string"
Posted by CruFox
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laurel wreath aliases
Posted by Brokedownandmadeone
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"Fishnets" issues
Posted by Ponylooker
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Retiring the "Futa" tag, and disambiguating transgender tags
Posted by Vraddock
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OC name change
Posted by Ladetaw^
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Can we stop with the "ship:*" tags?
Posted by --
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Requesting help with tagging this image
Posted by Dogman15
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Source Filmmaker Resource Implication and Alias
Posted by Silkworm205
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Merge "filly astray" and "game:filly astray"
Posted by Litrojia
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G5 Shipping Names Restructure
Posted by LoreJuniper
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prompter:* tags should not imply ai generated and ai content
Posted by Satu Putra
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Alias "dog house" to "doghouse"
Posted by HeartLinda
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Make "generator:artbreeder" imply "ai-generated" and "ai-content"
Posted by Satu Putra
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Change "long feather"?
Posted by sketchyswirl
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"Winterzilla" should imply "Winterchilla"
Posted by Markiz93
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"day" & "daytime" and "night" & "nighttime" should be aliased respectively
Posted by rautamiekka
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Add description to my "Marth's Kidnapping" comic tag
Posted by FetishSketches
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gameloft implications
Posted by catachromatic
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Merge "oc:light flux" and "oc:light f1ux"?
Posted by Background Pony #C2DD
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body on floor/ground tag aliases/imply?
Posted by Brokedownandmadeone
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"Multeity" tags needing implications
Posted by Background Pony #B153
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Shipping tag change for smolble
Posted by Background Pony #64AF
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Merge "thin", "slim", "skinny", and maybe "slender"
Posted by Background Pony #A110
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OC:Silvia Windmane
Posted by Sunsper
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Make "belly button" imply "belly"
Posted by Snowy Comet
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