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safe1765786 artist:thebatfang215 oc719639 oc only469988 oc:frosty flakes49 earth pony272645 pony1025710 yakutian horse221 chest fluff41946 cute207505 ear fluff32023 earth pony oc10363 featured image917 female1415102 fluffy14869 happy32503 high res34190 leg fluff3258 mare509077 ocbetes5729 open mouth157341 open smile2934 raised hoof49154 raised tail16329 smiling265483 snow14216 snow mare185 snowball493 solo1105483 standing on two hooves221 sweet dreams fuel1684 tail32914 unshorn fetlocks28009


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Artist -

Please, I'm Belgian
The popularity of this thing just skyroqueted. Even I fell in love the first time I saw that ponified picture of snow ponies.
They’re little cuties.
Background Pony #49B6
Frosty is the perfect creature and you will treat her with the respect she deserves.
Background Pony #E2C7
I’ve been watched it about five times before noticing that there is a snowball.